How to Convert Hindi Text to Speech?

Need to make a Hindi voice-over? You can easily turn Hindi text into speech. It’s helpful for things like videos, presentations, or even podcasts. You can do it with some easy-to-use tools, and you don’t have to be an expert to do it.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to change Hindi text into speech. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step guide to converting Hindi text to speech. By the end, you’ll know how to make a Hindi voice-over without breaking a sweat.

What is Text-to-Speech?

Text-to-speech, often known as TTS, is a cool tech that changes written text into voice. Think of it as a digital buddy that reads out stuff to you. It’s been a big help in many areas, from making audiobooks to helping people who might have trouble reading.

Besides that, TTS is now in lots of things we use daily. You’ll find it in phones, computers, and even some smart home devices. So, whenever you see a device reading out text or instructions, that’s TTS in action! It’s a blend of software and sounds that make this magic happen.

Why Hindi Text-to-Speech?

Hindi is spoken by around 585 million people in India and other parts of the world. So, if we have text-to-speech in Hindi, we can talk to these people in their own language. It’s always nice to listen to things in the language we know best. It feels more personal and natural to hear stuff in one’s own language.

Plus, there are many Hindi text-to-speech websites out there, just like With Hindi TTS, all these can be turned into voice content. 

This is great for those who might prefer listening over reading or have reading challenges. It’s all about making content accessible to everyone, and Hindi TTS helps do just that!

Step-by-Step Guide to Hindi Text-to-Speech

Step 1. Choose a text-to-speech tool: Begin by selecting a platform or software that supports Hindi text-to-speech. Open or click to redirect to Hindi text-to-speech.

Hindi Text to speech (India Accent)

Step 2. Open the Software: login or access the textospeech text-to-speech software on your device.

TextoSpeech Dashboard

Step 3. Language Selection: Navigate to the language settings. From the list of languages, choose “Hindi” or its native script representation.

TextoSpeech Select Hindi Language

Step 4. Input Text: Type in or paste the Hindi text you wish to convert into the provided text box. 

TextoSpeech Put Your Text

Step 5. Preview (Optional): Before converting, you might find a ‘Preview’ or ‘Play’ button. Use this to listen to a snippet of the text-to-speech conversion to ensure it sounds right.

TextoSpeech Audio Preview

Step 6. Adjust Settings: Modify the speed, pitch, or voice type (male/female). Adjust these settings as per your preference.

TextoSpeech Audio Voice Style and Tone

Step 7. Convert: Once satisfied with the settings, click on the ‘Convert’, ‘Play’, or a similarly labeled button to begin the text-to-speech conversion.

TextoSpeech Projects

Step 8. Save or Export: If you want to keep the audio for later use, look for a ‘Save’ or ‘Export’ option.

TextoSpeech Download Your Output

Pricing and Costs 

Hindi text-to-speech tools have different costs. Some basic features might be free, but for better voices or more usage, there’s a charge. Sites like Textospeech give options to pay monthly or yearly. 

Some even have just one payment for lifetime access. Choose based on how much you’ll use it. For regular use, a long-term plan could be cheaper.


With textospeech, you can easily change any Hindi text into speech. So, if you have something written in Hindi, this site can read it out for you. It’s like having a helpful friend who reads things to you!

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