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Why Promote is the top voiceover service currently offered on the market. More than 500 AI-generated voices in 140+ languages are offers a 50% referral bonus for all sales made after you refer a friend to the website.

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Three Easy Steps To Login & Create A New Source Of Income

1. Sign Up

Our Text to speech affiliate program is open to everyone. No additional sales are necessary; just sign up. All you need to do to become a successful affiliate is:

1. Open Textospeech Affiliate Page

Click on the “Get Your Affiliate Link.”

2. Login or Signup

Now select one of the given options “Sign up & register,” or “Log in & register.”

3. Fill Foam

Choose “Sign up & register,” fill out the given form and click on “Create my account.”

4. Login to Your Account If you already have an Account

If you already created an account then click the “Log in & register option.” Then enter your email and password and hit the sign-in button.

2. Start recommending

Spread the word about our text to speech software using the unique affiliate links we provide in your blog posts, YouTube videos, email newsletters, banner ads, and other digital content to start making recurring commissions.

3. Get rewarded

Receive a 50% commission for each person who uses your affiliate link to join a paid plan.

Steps For Promoting

Email marketing is the most effective method of promotion. You can get paid for each person who signs up using your affiliate link. Therefore, start marketing textospeech to earn money. You can use these free methods if you don’t have a list. These given kinds of blog posts are the most effective way to advertise

1. Blog Post

  • Review of
  • vs _____
  • Contrast with a different service
  • Making Audio Books

2. Ideas for YouTube Videos

You can make videos for online marketers and include a mention of textospeech or you can create voiceovers for YouTube videos and add the textospeech affiliate link in the description. Making videos that contrast with an alternative is another way to promote

3. TikTok Shorts ideas

You can create and share videos on TikTok and include a referral link in the description of the video or your bio to advertise TextoSpeech.

4. Facebook Group

Join Facebook groups where writers and marketers of videos congregate. Make a helpful video using TextoSpeech voiceover. Share a video with the group, mentioning TextoSpeech voiceover services.

5. Respond To A Query On Quora

There are many queries on Quora regarding text-to-speech. You can advertise by responding to those queries.

6. Instagram Reels ideas

Instagram is also another way to make helpful videos using’s voiceover. Then you can upload the video and insert the affiliate link in the description.

You can make:

  • Review of
  • vs _____
  • Make videos for online marketers and include a mention of textospeech.

7. Pinterest

The best way to use affiliate links on Pinterest is as follows:

  • Post textospeech reviews and descriptions
  • Post videos with a voiceover for promotion

8. Twitter

For your affiliate needs, Twitter is a platform that is generous with free traffic. You can promote on Twitter and become an affiliate to earn cash.

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