NaturalReader Vs Speechify: Which one is Best?

NaturalReader and Speechify are both popular text-to-speech tools, but they cater to different user needs. Both offer unique approaches to converting text into speech, with varying degrees of customization and usability.

In this article, we’ll dive into comparison between NaturalReader Vs Speechify, the specifics of NaturalReader and Speechify. We will compare their key features, discuss the pros and cons of each, their pricing, and look at their alternative.

What Is NaturalReader?

NaturalReader Vs Speechify: Which one is Best?

NaturalReader is a simple tool that helps you turn any text into spoken words, making information more accessible and easier to understand. It’s a tool you can use to listen to any text you have, like emails, web pages, or your own documents.

NaturalReader is easy to use. You just open your text in it, and it reads it out loud in a voice that sounds like a real person. You can even choose different voices and languages, which makes it fun to use.

It’s great for learning, for people who need help reading, or just for listening to something when you’re busy doing other stuff.

NaturalReader Unique Features

  • OCR Functionality
  • Pronunciation Editor
  • Sync Across Devices
  • Multi-Format Support

OCR Functionality

NaturalReader’s OCR feature makes it easy to turn any printed text or image with words into spoken words, which is handy for studying, working, or just enjoying a book.

Using OCR, You can scan a page from a book or a document, and the software will recognize the words on it. Then, it reads those words with its text-to-speech feature. It’s also great for folks who find reading text on paper challenging.

Pronunciation Editor

Pronunciation Editor in NaturalReader gives you control over how words are said, making sure everything is pronounced just the way you want. This makes the listening experience better and more accurate. 

Using the Pronunciation Editor is simple. With this tool, you can tell NaturalReader exactly how to pronounce these tricky words. This is really helpful for making the speech sound more natural, especially if you’re using it for presentations or learning.

Sync Across Devices

NaturalReader’s sync feature makes your life easier by letting you use it on multiple devices, keeping everything you need in sync no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

For example, if you start reading something on your computer with NaturalReader, you can finish reading it on your phone. Your documents and settings will be the same on all devices.

This is super useful because you can switch between devices without any trouble. You don’t have to worry about transferring files or losing your place in a document.

Multi-Format Support

NaturalReader makes it easy to listen to all kinds of documents and books, no matter what format they’re in. It’s handy for studying, enjoying books, or just getting through a lot of reading material quickly.

For example, if you have a PDF from school or an eBook you want to listen to, just open it in NaturalReader, and it starts reading it out loud. You don’t have to worry about what kind of file you have.

Pros And Cons


  • Free Version
  • Wide Range Of Voice Options
  • OCR Functionality
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Cross-Device Syncing


  • Robotic Voice Quality
  • No Advanced Customization
  • Limited Features in Free Version


NaturalReader Vs Speechify: Which one is Best?

What Is Speechify?

NaturalReader Vs Speechify: Which one is Best?

Speechify is a tool that changes written text into speech. You can put any written stuff, like articles or books, into this app, and it will read them out to you. This is really good for people who have trouble reading or like to listen to what they read.

It has many different voice options and works in various languages. You can even scan text from a photo. Speechify can be used on both mobile phones and computers.

Using Speechify is easy. It has a free version and a paid version that gives more features. This app is helpful for studying, working, or just listening to fun things.

Speechify Unique Features

  • Desktop and Mobile Accessibility
  • OCR Technology
  • Read it Later Feature
  • Voice Cloning

Desktop and Mobile Accessibility

Speechify’s ‘Desktop and Mobile Accessibility’ feature means you can use it on both your computer and your phone. On your computer, you can add the Speechify Chrome extension to your browser. This makes it easy to change any text into speech while you’re at the office or using your laptop at home.

There’s also a Speechify app for both Android and iOS phones. So, you can use Speechify even when you’re out walking or traveling. Just get the app on your phone, and you can listen to any text anytime and anywhere.

OCR Technology

Speechify has a cool tool called “OCR Technology,” where OCR means it can read words from pictures. Let’s say you have a book or a paper, and you snap a picture of it with your phone. 

With this OCR feature in Speechify, you can make that picture into spoken words. This means Speechify will read aloud whatever is written in your photo.

This tool is super useful for folks who want to read printed things but find it hard or understand better when they listen. With it, you can easily hear any printed text just by taking a picture of it.

Read it Later Feature

Speechify’s “Read it Later” feature is super useful. It lets you save any article or document to listen to when you have time. If you’re busy but find something cool to read, you can save it in “Read it Later.” Then, you can listen to it whenever you’re free.

This feature is great because it saves time and doesn’t interrupt your work or study. You can listen to your saved stuff while on the bus or during a lunch break. It’s perfect for people who have a hard time reading or like to listen to things while they’re moving around.

Voice Cloning

Voice Cloning in Speechify is a feature that creates a digital voice that sounds just like a real person’s voice. For example, if you have a recording of someone talking, Speechify can create a new voice that sounds exactly like them.

Using this feature, you can turn any piece of writing into speech that sounds like it’s being read by a specific person. It’s useful for various things, like having your blog read in your own voice without needing to record it yourself. 

Pros And Cons


  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Offline Accessibility
  • Language and Voice Options
  • AI Avatar Video Generator
  • Email and Audiobook Reading


  • Robotic Voice
  • Limited Free Plan
  • Voice Customization Effort


NaturalReader Vs Speechify: Which one is Best?

Best Alternative For Natural Reader And Speechify

TextoSpeech is a really good choice if you need something like Speechify or Speechelo. It changes text into speech easily. TextoSpeech is simple to use and creates computer voices that sound like real humans. It’s perfect for making videos or projects that need a natural-sounding voice.

A great thing about TextoSpeech is it’s not too pricey. This is nice for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money. You can also choose a one-time payment plan and use it forever.

It offers more than 300 voices and over 140 languages, so you can find the best one for your project. This is why lots of people prefer it over other similar tools.

Comparison Table: TextoSpeech Vs NaturalReader Vs Speechify

Total Voices200+200+130+
Total Languages50+100+30+
Lifetime Offer
Free Plan
Voice Customization
User-Friendly Interface
Bulk Editing
Voice Merging
Pause Timer
Multilingual Support
Emotion and Accent Options
Quick and Easy Conversion
Voice Clone

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When comparing NaturalReader and Speechify, both have their unique strengths. If you want something easy and versatile for general use, NaturalReader is a good choice.

But if you need more advanced features and language options, Speechify is the better option. The choice depends on what you need the tool for and how much you want to customize the experience.