Best FakeYou Alternative

Using FakeYou for your voice-over projects? It’s good and has its benefits. But there’s a new choice to consider for the FakeYou alternative.

Say hello to TextoSpeech, a new and strong choice that’s winning people over from FakeYou.

Wondering why everyone’s talking about TextoSpeech and if it’s better than FakeYou?

We’ve made a simple comparison chart down below that shows you why TextoSpeech could be the better pick for turning text into speech.

Price$19/Quarter (3 month)$25 /month
Lifetime Offer
Free Plan
Voice Customization
User-Friendly Interface
Bulk Editing
Voice Merging
Pause Timer
Multilingual Support
Emotion and Accent Options
Quick and Easy Conversion
Voice Clone

Looking for a FakeYou Alternative?

Using FakeYou for Cartoon and Celebrity TTS voices? It’s unique, but many are exploring TextoSpeech. Want to know why?

Here are some features that TextoSpeech offers but doesn’t FakeYou:

  • Unlimited Voice Generation
  • Voice Merge Feature
  • Emotion and Accent Options
  • Voice Speed, Pitch Control
  • Life Time Plan

Unlimited Voice Generation

With unlimited voice generation, you can make as many audio and projects as you like. There’s no limit, just a small thing where you can only use 12,000 characters at once. 

But for most projects, this is fine. This feature is really easy to use. You can make as much audio as you like, so it’s great for all sorts of projects.

Voice Merge Feature

TextoSpeech has a special feature called “voice merge” that lets you mix two different voices into one audio file.

If you make one voice for a poem and another for a song, you can put them together in one audio file that has both the poem and the song. It’s simple to use.

Emotion and Accent Options

TextoSpeech has a feature where you can add emotions and accents to the voice you’re making. If you want the voice to sound happy, sad, excited, or angry, you can choose that.

This way, the voice matches the mood you want, making your stuff more interesting. When people hear it, they can feel the emotion, which helps connect with them better.

Voice Speed, Pitch Control

TextoSpeech has a feature not seen in FakeYou, which is controlling voice speed and pitch. You can adjust the speed of any voice you generate, making it faster or slower. 

Along with that, if you want to make the pitch of your voice high or low, that feature is also provided.

Life-Time Plan

Yes, the lifetime plan of TextoSpeech is a big reason why people prefer it over other text-to-speech tools like FakeYou. It’s quite affordable at $134 for lifetime access. You pay once and use it forever.

With TextoSpeech, after one payment, you’re good to go. You can make as much audio as you want without any extra cost. This is why TextoSpeech can be a great choice instead of FakeYou.


TextoSpeech has different features compared to FakeYou. It gives you more ways to change how the voice sounds, making it a flexible option. 

If you need these extra features for your work, try TextoSpeech.