Best D-ID AI Alternative

Looking for a Best D-ID AI Alternative? D-ID AI is a tool available on the web and app. It helps you make AI videos. But if you look, D-ID AI is a very complex and expensive tool.

If you want an alternative tool to D-ID AI that can give you the same features for making your AI videos, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll look at other tools like D-ID for making videos with AI. As more of these tools pop up, we’ll help you understand which one might work best for you by discussing what they offer and how they compare to D-ID.

What is D-ID AI?

D-ID AI Dashboard

D-ID AI is good at making AI videos from photos and avatars. They have a platform named Creative Reality Studio that changes photos into AI video hosts for training, marketing, and more.

They have a mobile app for making AI videos easily. D-ID also has an API for developers so that they can add D-ID’s tech to other platforms without much trouble.

They use special AI tools and other tech like Stable Diffusion and GPT-3 to run their service, to make video making cheaper and personalized in many languages, all without needing tech skills.

D ID Unique Features:

AI Video Creation

This feature of D-ID AI allows you to convert photos into videos with the help of artificial intelligence. It can animate the photos, making the subjects move and talk as if filmed in a video.

It’s a neat way to create engaging video content without actual video footage.

Creative Reality Studio

This is a platform provided by D-ID where you can not only create animated characters but also interact with them. It’s like having a virtual space to create your digital characters and converse with them. It’s a blend of creativity and technology, allowing you to create animated figures and engage with them.

Conversations with Digital Humans

Chat. D-ID is a feature that lets you have real-time conversations with digital humans. Unlike typical chatbots where you type to interact, here you can use your voice and video to communicate with AI-powered digital characters. It’s designed to mimic human interaction, making the conversation feel more natural and less robotic.

Pros and Cons


  • Time Efficiency
  • High Level of Personalization
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Realism In Video
  • Integration Addons


  • Lack of Avatar Realism
  • High Learning Curve
  • Buggy Experience
  • Unreliable Features


D-ID AI Pricing

What is HeyGen

D-ID AI Alternative HeyGen Dashboard

HeyGen is a tool that helps you create videos from text using AI-generated avatars and voices. You pick or make an avatar, type what you want it to say, and HeyGen creates a video of the avatar saying those words.

It’s designed for those who want to create videos without needing a camera, crew, or expensive equipment, making video creation quick, easy, and cost-effective​.

Instead of spending lots of time and money on traditional video making, you can use HeyGen to make videos cheaply and quickly. You can choose from many avatars and voices, and it’s all done online.

HeyGen Unique Features:

Talking Avatars

You can create videos easily with talking avatars. HeyGen provides over 100 AI avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, and poses. You just need to type the scripts, and a spokesperson video with perfect lip-syncing is created in minutes.

Face Swap Videos

HeyGen allows you to create talking photos. You can upload your portrait photo, and your face is swapped onto the AI avatar, making you the video spokesperson and creating a video. This feature is free and unlimited for everyone.

Text to Speech

You can turn text to speech in over 300 voices across 40+ languages, which helps create studio-quality voiceovers at a much lower cost and time.

300+ Templates

HeyGen gives you ready-made templates. If you want to make videos in a certain style or format quickly, you can easily do it with HeyGen’s templates.

HeyGen has more than 300 templates, and you can use any of them. Not only that but there are templates for every use case. So, whatever type of video you want to make, templates are available for it.

Pros and Cons


  • pre-built templates
  • customizable AI avatars
  • user-friendly interface
  • high-quality generated videos
  • good value for money


  • robotic-sounding voice-overs
  • limited customization
  • Occasional glitches in generated videos


HeyGen Pricing

Use TextoSpeech to Generate High-Quality Audio

TextoSpeech is a web-based tool that lets you make high-quality AI-generated realistic voices. It gives you over 200 voices in more than 50 languages.

You can use it to make your voice sound more real and even add emotions to your sound so you can share your feelings. With its help, you can easily make high-quality sound.

TextoSpeech is easy to use because you don’t need to install any software; it’s available online. So, you can quickly make a high-quality voice that sounds real in just a minute.

Making a voice with TextoSpeech is super easy. Along with that, you can control the speed, emotions, and speech of your voice.


We have seen that D-ID AI is a big and complex tool. But if you’re looking for an alternative, HeyGen is one of the best out there. It lets you make text videos easily.

If you want to turn a photo into a video or create a video with AI, D-ID AI is a great choice. But if you just want to make videos where your face is swapped in, like putting your face on an AI video, then HeyGen is the way to go.