Best NaturalReader Alternative

Considering NaturalReader for your text-to-speech needs? It’s a well-known tool, no doubt. But have you heard about TextoSpeech? It’s worth a look.

Say hello to TextoSpeech, the emerging choice in text-to-speech technology. It’s quickly carving out a space for itself, especially among those who’ve been using Narakeet,, ElevenLabs, Murf AI, and NaturalReader.

Curious about what’s making TextoSpeech a topic of discussion and if it stands up against NaturalReader?

We’ve put together a straightforward comparison for you to see. It highlights what TextoSpeech offers, helping you determine if it’s the switch you’ve been looking for.

Lifetime Offer
Free Plan
Voice Customization
User-Friendly Interface
Bulk Editing
Voice Merging
Pause Timer
Multilingual Support
Emotion and Accent Options
Quick and Easy Conversion
Voice Clone

Looking for NaturalReader Alternative?

Still, using NaturalReader for voiceovers? It’s a solid tool, but have you seen what TextoSpeech offers? Want to know more?

The unique features that TextoSpeech offers, which may not be available with Resemble AI, include:

  • Speech Speed Control
  • Emotion and Accent Options
  • Voice Merge Feature
  • Word Emphasis

Speech Speed Control

Speech speed control on TextoSpeech means you can change how fast or slow the voice talks when it’s reading your text out loud. It’s like having a volume knob but for the speed of speech.

If you want the voice to read faster, you turn it up. If you want it to read slower, you turn it down. This is handy because sometimes you need things read quickly if you need more time, or you might need it slower if it’s complex stuff you’re trying to understand.

You can also make the voice sound like it’s shouting or whispering, which adds more feeling to what’s being said. It’s all about giving you the control to make the voice sound just right for what you need.

Emotion and Accent Options

TextoSpeech’s emotion and accent features let you make the computer’s voice sound more human. Like, if you’re making a video and want the voice to sound excited or serious, you can pick that emotion.

And with accents, say you’re targeting people in India, you can choose an Indian accent. Or, for the UK audience, pick a British accent. It’s about making the speech sound right for who’s listening.

Voice Merge Feature

Exactly, you got it! The Voice Merge feature is all about mixing different voices to make the audio more interesting and dynamic.

It’s handy when you’re working on something that needs more than one type of voice, like a story with different characters or a podcast with multiple hosts.

You record each part separately with different voices and then put them together. This way, your audio doesn’t just have a variety of accents but also emotions and styles, making it feel more like a natural conversation or a well-cast play.

It’s a beneficial feature for anyone looking to create audio content that’s engaging and rich with different sounds.

Word Emphasis

Word Emphasis in TextoSpeech is a feature that lets you make certain words in your audio stand out. 

Think about when you’re talking, and you stress certain words to make your point clear, like “I need this done TODAY.” The word ‘today’ is emphasized to show it’s important. 

When you’re setting up your text to be read aloud by the AI, you can pick words or phrases that you want to stress. The AI will then say those words with more force or a different tone, just like how you’d naturally give certain words more oomph when you’re speaking.

It’s useful for making sure your listeners catch the key parts of what you’re saying, especially in things like ads or presentations where you want to grab someone’s attention.


NaturalReader is a solid tool for text-to-speech needs. It’s straightforward and helps you turn text into speech easily. NaturalReader is great for simple text-to-speech.

But if you need more, like adding emotions or changing the tone, you might want more than what it offers. For advanced features, it’s worth looking at TextoSpeech.